Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Lasten Wooden Rolling Pin

I received the Lasten Wooden Rolling Pin to test out and review. This rolling pin is really easy to use and helps making cookies really easy.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN ROLLING PIN--Rolling pin is an essential tool in our kitchen. The Rolling pin is about 11 inch length and the diameter is about 1.1 inch. It is easy to use without worrying about the quality.
SINGLE-HANDEDLY USE--The 11-inch Wooden Rolling Pin is light and handy, which is helpful for kneading dough while rolling dough with another hand. The rolling portion has consistent radius and rolls easily, which can be controlled well. Do different things at the same time, efficient, saving a lot of time.
MADE OF WOOD--Dough rolling pin is made of durable, pure wood, which is smooth and sturdy. The handle is capable of good grip and the roller part is completely rounded to give better performance.
SAFE IN USE--Compact hardwood roller makes it free from bacteria or fungus, and will not generate any pollution.

I received this product at either a discount or for free, in exchange for my honest, fair, and unbiased opinion. All opinions in my reviews are my own and are not swayed in any way due to receiving a discount.

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