Wednesday, January 25, 2017

BetterHome BBQ Brush 3 in1 Stainless Steel Brushes Grill Brush

I received the BetterHome BBQ Brush 3 in1 Stainless Steel Brushes Grill Brush to test out and review. Overall, it's a really good set and cleans the grill well.

  • 3 IN 1 BRUSH - The X-Chef Grill Brush Triple the duty area of standard wire brushes, with this BBQ accessory you will be able to scrub all parts of your barbecue grate faster than ever before. Designed each brush with its own equivalent stroke, it is prepared to clean every bit of residue with its innovative 360 degree rotator.Inlcuded with a silicone brush and a smaller brush as assistants.
  • OPTIMAL HANDLE LENGTH - With an 18" handle, it is designed to reach the hardest parts of the grilling shelf with ease. An optimal length won't bend.
  • EFFORTLESS CLEANING - Suitable ANGLED HEAD and SPIRALED BRUSHES to make easy work of the toughest spots and easy cleaning of grates and simultaneously clean the top, sides and bottom of the grill grate.
  • SAFE CLEANING OF MOST GRILL TYPES - It is a universal grill brush that can be used with multiple gas grill, charcoal grill, smoker grill and all other types and makes like Weber grill or Foreman grill.
  • Do you love grilling outdoors, but find the cleaning of stuck grease so much of work? 
    Would you like a industrial grade grill brush that offers a range of super convenient designs to make cleaning a simple task, and protects expensive grill grates from scratches? 
    If so, X-Chef BBQ Grill Brushis a perfect choice! 
    -Best designed handle! 
    Designed with an angled head and an extra long 18" handle, the brush allows you to reach and clean the toughest spots with ease. The handle is stainless steel inside and covered with plastic to prevent from bending or breaking when scrubbing and the bristles are a unique 360 degree design which allows you to clean the top and sides in a single stroke. 
    -Not a single mark will be left on your grill! 
    The X-Chef BBQ Grill Brush alternatively has a unique set of safe, strong bristles which offer industrial strength, excellent cleaning performance with bare damage or scratching to grill grates. 

    *Here X-Chef will give you some tips for your GRILL BRUSH SAFETY. 
    -All brushes wear out eventually. If the bristles begin to come loose, it's time for a replacement. After every use with a wire brush wipe down the grate with a wet cloth to check if any bristles have come off and got stuck to the bars. 

    Size: 18" 
    Material: #201 wire+ #410 holder + PP covered handle 
    Premium: 1* BBQ Grill Brush, 1*silicone brush, 1* smaller grill brush with blade

    I received this product at either a discount or for free, in exchange for my honest, fair, and unbiased opinion. All opinions in my reviews are my own and are not swayed in any way due to receiving a discount.

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